May 24 2013 Friday at 01:13 PM

Private Viewing Review by Charlotte Pope @


I was invited to a private viewing of Villancher Boutique Fashion Jewellery last night. Esther Hocking, founder of the enterprise, set up her fashion boutique jewellery line after struggling to find the style and individuality she wanted, at affordable prices. 
Hand picked from around the world, Villancher offers a wide range of stylish fashion jewellery pieces and with only a few of each, there is a special feeling of uniqueness that goes with them.
Villancher currently stock Moon C, a brand from Paris, plus J9TwoFive, a range designed and hand crafted in Sri Lanka. So they're pretty special!
Villancher Dolly Necklaces
Esther Hocking, Villancher Fashion Jewellery Boutique
The jewellery viewing
Jewellery on display
Champagne for the occasion
Nibbles at the jewellery viewing
Business card
There were so many gorgeously unique pieces on display, but to me, the two ranges that I loved were the dolly necklaces and the charm bracelets. 
Pink Star Dolly, Villancher
Pink Diamante Dolly, Villancher
Leopard Skin Trousers Dolly, Villancher

The dolly necklaces are like nothing I've seen before. They're gorgeous with their individual detail and 'over the top' beautiful'ness! The three I particularly liked were the 'Pink Star', 'Pink Diamante' and the 'Leopard Skin Trousers'. 
The chains are approx 40cm and the dolls themselves 12cm, so they're a really lovely size and weight and truly a gorgeous accessory that will make a real statement. These necklaces would add the finishing touch to a simple white t-shirt and jeans or could easily be dressed up with a little black number. The dollys are priced at just £28.99 each. 
The bracelets are equally as beautiful and individual as the Dolly necklaces. The bracelets come in various colours and designs and each bracelet consists of a number of bracelets, attached together. 
Silver & Green Multi Strand Bracelet, Villancher
The Multi Strand Silver & Green Bracelet, £22.99, is charming with it's aqua green/blue, silver and wooden beads. The little heart charms are really sweet too, adding that extra dimension that I love about these pieces.
The Multi Strand Pink Ibiza Bracelet, £23.99, is also really cute. The collection of four bracelets as one, have little red, ivory, blue and purple cross charms, plus a silver shell and other little strings of beads, dangling from them. It's simply adorable and by far my favourite. So I bought one!
Villancher bag
Bracelet out of bag
Pink Ibiza dangling charms
Moon C stamp on Pink Ibiza Bracelet
The Pink Ibiza Bracelet is part of the Moon C collection from Paris and I think it's great. I'm especially in love with the little jangling sound it makes and that I'm wearing something brought over from Paris and not many people will have one the same. That makes it just a little extra special.
Take a look at the collection for yourself. I'm sure you'll find a piece to fall in love with too!